wave energy;

wave power


bulge wave;

bulge wave




JUST A RUBBER TUBE IN THE SEA . . . . . full of water, closed at both ends, anchored head to waves.



In this picture the waves come from the left. The arrows show the oscillating flow of water inside the tube.
The velocity of the
bulge wave in the tube and the waves in the sea is the same; then the wave energy is transferred gradually to the tube.


At the bow, the wave squeezes the tube and starts a bulge running. But as it runs the wave runs after it, squeezing more and more, so the bulge gets bigger and bigger. The bulge runs in front of the wave where the slope of the water (pressure gradient) is highest. In effect the bulge is surfing on the front of the wave.


Here's a model in the wave tank. The wave period is 1.4 seconds, amplitude 8 cm. See how the waves are attenuated as energy is captured by the tube. See the fat bulges propagating towards you, surfing on the front of the wave.

The wave power over a wide frontage is concentrated at the end of the tube. We can use it to drive a turbine, generate electricity or pump water.


Rubber tubes can live forever in the sea. Anaconda won't break, no hinges, no joints .... and it's cheap!


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